IT Technical Interview Questions

  1. Discuss about your candidature?
  2. Tell us something about your higher educational qualification? From which University have you completed your bachelors?
  3. Since how long are you active in the IT Field? Discuss your most negative experiences in IT sector?
  4. What in internet and distinguish between LAN and WAN? Mention where these two internet connections are widely used?
  5. Explain Intranet? Discuss the benefits of intranet and why intranet is being used in huge organizations?
  6. How do you establish a web presence? Explain the different factors and steps being used in web presence building?
  7. What do you understand by networking administration? Differentiate between e- mail and supporting e mail applications?
  8. Define terms: router, peer and band width? Where can you implement peer to peer and star configuration for internet?
  9. What are the steps to develop a security policy for your company network?
  10. Are you satisfied with offered salary and growth?
  11. When are you available to join us?

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