ITIL Certification Interview Questions

ITIL certification interview questions are asked to the interested candidates, who are willing to obtain an ITIL certification to work professional in some good organization. By evaluating the overall professional knowledge, ability of conducting & handling various ITIL procedures and programming skills of all applicants, the deserving candidates receive ITIL certification.

Sample ITIL Certification Interview Questions:

  • What have you learnt professionally during your ITIL certification session?
  • Discuss your overall accomplishments as an ITIL certified trainee.
  • What are the primary job duties of an ITIL certified expert?
  • Mention something about your management skills and analytical abilities.
  • Discuss your role with the ITIL manger and with the other IT departments?
  • What type of resources is required to support ITIL management?
  • Mention any three benefits of hiring ITIL services in an organization.
  • How can you initiate the transformational growth of the IT section of a firm by using the ITIL procedures?
  • What do you understand by IT infrastructure library life cycle? What are the major factors and policies are used in such a procedure?
  • Tell us the technique you learn to identify the core IT requirements of the customers?
  • Do you think appointing ITIL services is a fruitful way of reducing costs, delivering improved services and improving productivity of the IT department?
  • Name the projects & papers prepared by your monthly for timely submission. How do you update the database and ERP system regularly?
  • Are you planning to pick up a good job after getting this ITIL certification or you would like to work as an individual?
  • Would you like to opt for an advanced ITIL career course after receiving this certification?

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