JAVA Certification Interview Questions

JAVA certification interview   questions are used as an effective tool to conduct an interview session of interested candidates, who seek to earn JAVA certification for professional growth. By evaluating the professional expertise and judging the JAVA knowledge of initiating different projects of all candidates, a deserving applicant is awarded with a JAVA certification.

Sample JAVA Certification Interview Questions:

  • What have you learnt from your JAVA sessions?
  • Are you confident to work as a JAVA certified professional?
  • How good are you in JAVA programming?
  • Mention the basic job duties & responsibilities of a JAVA certified professional?
  • Have you ever find it difficult in performing in a team?
  • Discuss your role with the JAVA developer and JAVA programmer?
  • What are the latest versions of JAVA introduced in the market?
  • Where you can use JAVA ME and J2ME?
  • Discuss the various beneficial programming traits of J2ME.
  • Explain the sequential steps of developing and maintaining a java based project.
  • Please mention something about JAVA development.
  • As per you experience, JAVA version used in a mobile phone or a PDA is different from JAVA computers applications? If yes, please tell how?
  • Tell us the different JAVA applications available and discuss the use of each application.
  • What is the procedure of updating JAVA applications and how to uninstall the stored version of JAVA?
  • Name the monthly JAVA project reports you prepare and tell us about your technique of keeping them secure?
  • Why should we consider as a best applicant for awarding this certification than the other contenders?

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