Java Design Patterns Interview Questions

  1. What do you understand from Java Design and Java Design Patterns?
  2. Have you read any book over java design? Which books are available on java patterns?
  3. Have you ever designed any document using java threads?
  4. Explain the different patterns used for Java design? Why do you need to study all patterns before designing any program in java?
  5. Explain the different design patterns available in java designing? Explain each with the help of an example?
  6. Discuss delegation and inheritance patterns? What are their advantages and disadvantages?
  7. Where can you use the inheritance pattern over delegation pattern?
  8. Name the major design pattern which are used for Java APIs pattern?
  9. What is the difference between prototype pattern, rector pattern and process pattern?
  10. What do you understand from anti-patterns? Where can you use these patterns?
  11. Name the patterns which contribute in designing a networked application?
  12. What is thread safe singleton? What is the method to write it?

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