Java J2ee Interview Questions

  1. Explain J2EE? Discuss about your experience in J2EE?
  2. Do you have any experience in J2EE? Are you familiar with terms and tools use in J2EE?
  3. Why is J2EE suitable for Multi-tiered applications? Discuss the characters and features of J3EE which makes it compatible with multi-tiered applications?
  4. Discuss the different components of J2EE? Is a J2EE application support only web?
  5. Explain a container and different container services? Discuss web container?
  6. What is applet container? How can you execute applet container in J2EE?
  7. Explain about thin client? How does it interface with applications? Mention about deployment descriptor?
  8. What is EAR file? What are JTA and JTS? Explain with the help of examples?
  9. Explain J2EE connector? How does J2EE use it?
  10. Discuss Java Authentication and Authorization Service? How does it is different from JAXP?
  11. What is strut? How can you use MVC design in struts frame? Explain procedure for it?
  12. Explain Java naming and directory service? Discuss different features of directory service as well?

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