Java Programming Interview Questions

A java programming candidate is entrusted with the task of updating java programming applications with high level of expertise. The java programming interview questions are aimed at assessing the technical standards of the candidate in java programming language and related technical standards.  The interview questions also aim to assess the knowledge, understanding and creativity of the candidate to perform best on the job.

Sample Java Programming Interview Questions

  • Provide a list of Java programming keywords that are commonly used?
  • How will you construct an array by making use of the Java programming language?
  • What are your future plans?
  • What is a reserved word in a java programming language?
  • Name one valid key in java language?
  • Provide any three array declarations that are legal in the java language?
  • Give details of some valid declarations of a character?
  • When talking of interface definition what would you consider as a valid declaration?
  • Provide a valid declaration for a Boolean?
  • Can you provide any valid declarations for a float and a string?
  • What is the prototype of a default constructor?
  • Can you identify one of the most restrictive access modifier that permits members of one class to have access to members of another class in a same package?
  • In an interface can you specify any of the three valid method signatures?
  • Give one example of an array?
  • Provide a valid example of two commands which can cause a compiler error?
  • In a java language Runnable Interface what do you understand by a method called Run?
  • Is it possible to mute a string in java programming language?
  • Do you prefer a char array or a string to store a password in java?
  • Is it possible to override a static method ion java programming language?

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