Java Technical Interview Questions

  1. Mention a little about any two positive and negative points of your resume?
  2. What are your technical qualifications in Java Language? With how many organizations have you worked till date?
  3. How was your experience in previous job? What have you learnt from your previous job?
  4. What do you understand by abstract classes and interface? Explain the steps to generate an abstract class?
  5. How can you make an array? Define array list? What is the use of array in Java?
  6. Explain the meaning of pass by value and pass by reference? Differentiate between static and Itreator?
  7. Why garbage collection is used in Java? What are the different methods to use Thread in Java?
  8. What is a Map? Distinguish between Hash table and Hash map?
  9. State the any two differences between Swing and Awt?
  10. Do you have any experience of working in a team?
  11. When would you like to join us?

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