Java Tough Questions

  1. Define Java? Why this language is used in programming?
  2. What is the interface? How multiple interfaces take place in Java? How interface makes programming easy?
  3. What is the difference between java, C, C++?
  4. Describe string? What is the difference between string buffer and string class?
  5. State the difference between abstract class and abstract methods?
  6. What is an operator? State difference between == and equal methods?
  7. What is native method? Where these methods can be used?
  8. Why java has the nature of write once and run anywhere? Why this language is so popular among programmers?
  9. Describe JDBC? Which steps do you need to execute SQL query using JDBC?
  10. Discuss the present JDBC drivers? Why these drivers are used to run JAVA?
  11. State the difference between variable, class and constant?
  12. What does FINAL keyword means in front of a particular variable?
  13. Does “goto” command is used in JAVA? If yes, where is it used?
  14. How synchronization works in JAVA? Where can these be used?

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