Java Web Services Interview Questions

  1. Tell us something about your experience in Java?
  2. What do you understand from Java Thread? How do these threads contribute in Java programming?
  3. Name the different Java threads available? Explain each with the help of an example?
  4. What is waiting state? How can you enter a thread in waiting state? Explain the different waiting state methods available?
  5. What is yielding and sleeping? Explain any two differences in each? Where do you use these methods in Java Threading?
  6. Explain multithreaded program? How can you create this program? What are the different ways of using different threads?
  7. Discuss the initial state of thread creation and how can you start the thread after creating state?
  8. Give any two differences between time slicing and pre-emptive scheduling?
  9. Explain deadlock and discuss the purpose of wait (), run (), notify (), notify all ()?
  10. State the method by which multithreading takes place in the CPU?
  11. Can you lock a Java object by using multithreading?

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