Journalism Job Interview Questions

  1. Your resume says you completed the Bachelor’s Degree in journalism in 2004 and the Master Degree in 2009. Why this time lag?
  2. What drew to journalism despite your wonderful academic credentials in computer science?
  3. Pen is mightier than sword. What is your take on this?
  4. Courage is one of the essential requirements to be a successful journalist. Do you agree?
  5. Which arena of journalism inspires you the most?
  6. Do you believe these days’ journalists do resort to taking unethical means to make a good story?
  7. Recent days has seen journalist on an assignment in Afghanistan being taken as hostage by militants. God forbid, if the same happens with you, how will you react during the tenure of you stay in their custody?
  8. Are you comfortable for overseas assignments?
  9. What salary package do you expect?
  10. Tell us a nightmarish example from your previous job.

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