Key Bank Interview Questions

  1. Tell us something about yourself?
  2. Why did you leave your previous job? Was there any reason behind it?
  3. What do you understand from KYC? Discuss the applications and norms for KYC?
  4. Explain NFET? What is the least limit prescribed for NEFT?
  5. Discuss: Capital Reserve, Intangible Assets and CMS?
  6. What is profit? Describe net profit, gross profit and operating profit? Give any two differences between operating profit and net profit?
  7. Do you think a customer’s deposit is bank’s asset?
  8. Have you ever prepared a bank’s annual report? Discuss the different factors involved in it?
  9. Tell us about different assets and liabilities of a Bank?
  10. What is the minimum amount required to open current and saving account?
  11. Tell us about your coordination with your subordinates and helping staff? What do you do if someone in your team is not performing up to the mark?
  12. Are you fine with bank’s timings and offered salary?

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