Kindergarten Job Interview Questions

  1. Your resume says you have done a Masters in child psychology. How do you think this is going to help you in this job?
  2. What temperament is needed to deal with kids?
  3. During your course of the job, if you notice a kid is misbehaving with one of the fellow students, whom will you, report the matter?
  4. Do you think maintaining a distance from the parents helps you deliver your job obligations?
  5. Suppose a parent lures you with a gift to ensure extra care for their kid, what will you do?
  6. Spoilt kids are known to be arrogant and not disciplined. How will you deal with them?
  7. Tell us your favorite rhyme.
  8. What package suits you as salary for this job?
  9. Are you comfortable working early in the morning?
  10. What is your know-how about medical emergencies generally needed in a kindergarten?

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