Labour Relations Officer/Specialist Interview Questions

Labour relations officer/ specialist interview questions are widely used by the interview panel to hire the eligible candidate on this job position. After assessing the expertise of handling different labour relation procedures, education level and professional attitude, the deserving contenders are hired by the concerned organization.

Sample Labour Relations Officer/Specialist Interview Questions:

  • Tell us something about your candidature. Why are you willing to join our organization?
  • What was the reason behind your resignation from your previous organisation?
  • How do you rate your interpersonal and communicational skills?
  • Mention the major job duties of a labour relations officer.
  • What do you understand from labour management relations? Why this is so important for an entrepreneur to enhance the production?
  • Discuss your role between the labour and the management in order to execute policies and manage the working standards.
  • What is the definition of code of discipline? How does this factor play a vital role to manage the labour relationship?
  • How do you coordinate with the security department in order to cross check if the retrieval procedure of taking vehicles, uniforms and necessary document is completed?
  • What approach do you follow to conduct the surveys and meetings on current progress on labour relationship?
  • Discuss the latest labour relationship legislations. How do you update the management regarding the same?
  • How do you handle the labour disputes? What is your strategy to sort out the serious management and labour issues?
  • Why should we hire you for this designation when we have more experienced candidates?
  • Are you comfortable with our office timings?

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