Landscape technician Interview Questions

Landscape technician interview questions are used to screen the interested individual, who is seeking to work as a landscape technician. By judging the professional capabilities, educational level and estimating the work experience, a qualified candidate can be appointed for this job position.

Sample Landscape technician Interview Questions:

  • Discuss about your professional experience. Mention the job duties you have fulfilled in your previous organization.
  • Mention the major job duties of this designation. As a landscape technician, what is your objective to serve your department?
  • How do you rate your technical and analytical skills of observing landscaping issues?
  • What technique do you follow to choose proper shrubs, plants and flowers by inspecting the type of soil?
  • According to you, what weather conditions are best for the plants to thrive all over the year?
  • How do you oversee the growth of plants and identify the associated plantation problems?
  • Do you think that the landscaping of a house and a restaurant is a totally different concept? If yes, explain how?
  • Mention the plant varieties such as flowers, designer and non- flower plants do you recommend for a hotel or a tourist place?
  • Discuss the type of soil. How do you spot the harmful insects and bugs present in the plants?
  • Mention the name of any two powerful weed and pest killers which are not at all harmful to plants?
  • Define topical applications. What do you understand from eco- friendly landscaping techniques?
  • What technique do you follow to clean the older plants from the garden?
  • Do you need any training to work with us?

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