Law student interview questions

1. Please tell us why you want to be a lawyer.

2. Why did you choose to apply in this law school and how have you prepared yourself for that?

3. What qualities do you think you have that would make you a successful attorney?

4. What kind of extracurricular activities are you interested in and why?

5. What do you feel about working in a team?

6. What three things are the most important for you in this job profile?

7. In what kind of working environment are you most comfortable?

8. What are your long-term professional goals?

9. What do you think of our country’s legal system and what would you change in it?

10. What are your three main strengths? What are your three main weaknesses?

11. Which law school courses interest you the most and why?

12. If you were going to do something other than practice law, then what would you do and why?

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