Leadership Job Interview Questions

  1. Tell me what are the essential qualities of leadership?
  2. Give us an example where you had lead a team in adverse scenario and what steps you took to come out of it.
  3. What efforts did you took to ensure that your orders are followed by the team members? How did they respond to it?
  4. Tell me one instance where your leadership quality helped the top management to arrive at a crucial decision?
  5. How do you generally build the support for the goals you thrive to achieve? Illustrate this with an example
  6. A good leader must lead from the front. What is your understanding of this statement?
  7. How would you address the grievances of the people who work under your leadership?
  8. Are you ready and willing to work in night shift as well?
  9. What salary do you expect?
  10. What are your long term goals?

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