Leasing Consultant Interview Questions

Leasing consultant interview questions are widely used in the organizations in order to appoint the eligible candidates, who sit for the job position of a leasing consultant. After assessing the overall working experience, educational skills and knowledge of handling different leasing consultant procedures, a candidate can be called for the joining.

Sample leasing consultant interview questions:

  • Tell us something about your work experience. Why did you resign from your previous job?
  • How do you rate your leasing skills and expertise?
  • Mention any three major job duties of a leasing consultant?
  • How many types of lease agreements, contracts and forms are available? Discuss the format of a lease agreement.
  • Differentiate between a corporate lease agreement and a manual lease agreement.
  • How do you update yourself with the latest real estate lease information? What method do you use to maintain and upload the record shelves and lease database?
  • Discuss your role in property management. How do you handle the potential clients for finalizing the leasing deals?
  • How do you finalize the property rates, leasing duration and location as per the current marketing lease price?
  • What are the different screening property policies and rental strategies?
  • Discuss the procedure of reviewing a corporate rental document. Are you aware about the legitimate factors essential for preparing and commencing a leasing contract?
  • How do you manage the resident complaints and requests regarding leasing?
  • If we appoint your today for this vacancy, can you give a sure date of joining?
  • Are you comfortable with our office working times?

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