Librarian Assistant Job Interview Questions

  1. Do you have any flair for reading books?
  2. Tell us more about your previous experience as library assistant.
  3. Please briefly tell us how computer savvy you are. Are you familiar with any library management software?
  4. What is that one thing which you hate in the way your superior gives you order?
  5. What will you do if one of the regular members of the library comes to the library fully drunk?
  6. How will you react when you see one of the patrons of the library keeping a rare book under his shirt?
  7. Give us an instance where your previous job made headlines for good reasons and you were given credit for bringing kudos to the library?
  8. What are your perquisites and salary expectations?
  9. Give us one example where your experience helped the library you worked for, come out of a complicated situation?
  10. Do you have anything to add?

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