Librarian Job Interview Questions

  1. Are you an avid reader? What interests you most – fiction or non-fiction?
  2. What method of cataloguing will you do for very rare kind of the books?
  3. What is the process generally followed by a library for issuing and receiving books in a library?
  4. What is the method employed for recovering monthly subscription fees from the members of the library?
  5. Name the software that you are familiar with. Which one according to you is the best among those?
  6. How do you think the teachers can benefit from you for improving their standard of studies?
  7. Do you agree that the environment of a library affects the members?
  8. Name 5 leading libraries of the country?
  9. How much will be enough for your salary?
  10. Tell us one instance where your previous experience helped the library to come out of a tricky situation?
  11. What innovative methods will you introduce to make library even more interesting place?

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