List of Job Interview Questions

  1. According to you, how many days of absenteeism in a year are acceptable to you?
  2. When last was your performance review done?
  3. Tell us an instance where you think you had a problem with the decision made by one of your superior?
  4. Please briefly tell us how you reacted when you see one your colleague doing something unethical which could harm the company’s goodwill.
  5. What was your response when one of your juniors called to report sick and it took more than few hours for the substitute to replace him?
  6. How did you adjust yourself to rotational work shifts?
  7. Can you share with us the most harrowing and daunting experience you had so far?
  8. When were you last criticized by your immediate superior and how did you react to it?
  9. If you are suddenly asked to shift to a new task, does it affect your concentration?
  10. How did you deal with salary related issues?

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