Loan Officers Interview Questions

A loan officer requires an exceptionally good capacity of convincing people and makes them rely and confide in him only through his style of communication and his presentation. An intelligent speaker and filled with lot of conviction, those are the qualities of a skilled loan officer. A loan officers interview questions must focus on these points.

Sample Loan Officers Interview Questions

  1. What is the first thing you will want to know from a person who wants to take a loan?
  2. Briefly describe your previous work experience.
  3. Why have you chosen to apply with us amongst all the other options prevailing for you?
  4. After being convinced with the loan details, say the client does not agree with the interest rates, how are you going to convince them for the rates?
  5. What are the basic things you will check before giving a loan to any client?
  6. Tell us something about yourself which is not their in your curriculum vitae.
  7. Why do you think we should consider you amongst so many applicants for this post?
  8. How do you intend to handle the job stress and pressure of meeting the targets everyday?
  9. Tell us something about your academic qualification. Why did you choose this field as your profession keeping in mind the uncertainties of this field?
  10. What knowledge of computer namely Word, Excel, Draft Making, etc. do you have
  11. Are you happy with the pay packet we are offering you or you feel there is a room for increment?

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