Lotus Notes Certification Interview Questions

A lotus notes certification program acquire extensive knowledge in operational services and development of web email activities. The course also covers parts of web development along with maintenance of workflows that are built in to adhere to security systems. The student is exposed to various tools and features in making use of lotus notes developer.

Sample Lotus Notes Certification Interview Questions

  • How will this lotus notes certification program help you in your IT career?
  • Have you acquired any other certification in IT?
  • What is your feedback about the lotus notes certification program conducted by our institute?
  • Any specific mention of modules that you feel need to be included?
  • Are you satisfied with the course contents and feel the training program was comprehensive in all aspects of lotus notes?
  • What is the procedure to set and change password?
  • What happens when you click on a delivery priority field?
  • How do you modify the preferences in lotus notes tabs?
  • What is the process to create a folder in lotus notes?
  • How do you create calendar entries?
  • How will you add a contact?
  • How will you set the time schedule when you want to set a meeting for a particular task?
  • What are the various archive options and how will you archive data?
  • How will you set up an out of office mail?
  • How will you flag messages sent by others coming into the inbox?
  • How can one unblock an email that has been blocked earlier?

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