Mainframe Testing Interview Questions

  1. Tell us something about your background and your hobbies?
  2. Give us an overview of your academic qualifications? With how many leading brands have you worked till date?
  3. How many years experience do you have on testing? Are you confident enough in Mainframe Testing?
  4. Explain the different types of process and methods for Mainframe Testing? Describe the tools for ICL?
  5. How do you differentiate between sglserver and Oracle in mainframe testing?
  6. Distinguish Mainframe Testing problems and Networking Testing Problems?
  7. How can you use JCL process? Which method do you use to detect the expired datasets?
  8. What do you understand by Impact Analysis in Mainframe Testing? In which situation can you use LINK, XCTL and CALL?
  9. Explain the use of commit over syntax?
  10. Why mainframe testing is so important? Give any three advantages of Mainframe Testing?
  11. If you are being selected, when can you join us?
  12. Do you mind to sign a bond with us for five years?

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