Management Accounting Interview Questions

Management accounting interview questions are framed with quality questions asked to an individual, who is willing to work in the management accounting department. By evaluating the professional traits, management accountancy skills and ability to deal with the diverse procedures, a deserving candidate is hired by the HR department.

Sample Management Accounting Interview Questions:

  • Tell us about your job experience with the previous organization.
  • What do you understand from management accountancy? Explain the various functions of management accountancy.
  • Define control account. Explain the procedure of creating a control account.
  • Explain the terms: Provision, Accrual and Reserve. Give an example for each.
  • Differentiate between a check and cash payment. Explain the official procedure of cancelling a cheque.
  • State AP & AR. Explain the contemporary applications of AP.
  • Define a shadow balance sheet. Tell us about its usage and advantages.
  • Explain the steps of generating a final account. What factors should be considered during the preparation of such an account?
  • Give any three major differences between management accountancy and cost accountancy.
  • What do you understand from the term” cash flow”? Explain the procedure to put non- current lease payment on a cash flow statement.
  • How do you explain accounts receivable and accounts payable? What are the different strategies available to control both types of accounts?
  • Tell us the procedure of a liability side of the balance sheet.
  • How does a communicational bridge play a vital role in managing and recording the accounting statements?
  • Do you think that you can deliver the assigned work load within the deadline?

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