Manufacturing Manager Interview Questions

A Manufacturing manager interview questions are the sequence of questions that should be very handy for manufacturing professionals who want to induct an able candidate for the role of a manufacturing manager. Through these questions, the suitability of the candidate for the role at hand can be gauged. Essential qualities of the candidate are good manufacturing knowledge and managerial skills along with an inspiring personality.

Sample Manufacturing manager interview questions

  • From which college and in which year did you pass out of engineering?
  • In your previous organization how well did you manage your team as a manufacturing manager?
  • As a manager, what are your strong and weak points?
  • Which are the major products that are manufactured from our country and are exported?
  • What qualities do you expect from your peers and subordinates?
  • Are you willing to put extra hours during weekends?
  • You would have to travel to some warehouses and also look after the supply chain to ensure seamless manufacturing. Are you ready to handle these?
  • As a manufacturing manager, how will you ensure a healthy working environment in the production department?
  • In a situation if the workers in your department are asking for a higher wage rate and you are also facing cost crunch, what will be your short term solution and long term solution?
  • What has been the most challenging task as a manufacturing manager?
  • When do you become short tempered?
  • If you are given x amount of money, then how would you divide the amount among employee salary, R&D, machinery, raw materials, and overheads?

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