Manufacturing Planner Interview Questions

A Manufacturing planner interview questions are the set of questions that can help prospective candidates prepare for the interview process and get offers from top manufacturing companies as a manufacturing planner. The exhaustive list of questions provide an opportunity to select candidates who have an all round personality, good analytical and planning abilities, and are technically strong.

Sample Manufacturing planner interview questions

  • Please provide us a brief background about yourself.
  • Why did you choose a career in manufacturing?
  • What was the best subject that you studied in Operations management during your post graduation?
  • Do you think students of operations should do more field work than theoretical study?
  • Do you know how much percentage does manufacturing contribute to the GDP of this country?
  • What has been the growth rate of manufacturing in the last three years?
  • What are the prospects of you becoming successful as a manufacturing planner?
  • What activities are involved in planning?
  • As a manufacturing planner, how will you ensure that you take into account views of all the interested parties during the stage of planning?
  • What should be the performance parameters of a manufacturing planner?
  • Where have you done your internship? Describe the project that you took up.
  • How are projects picked up by an organization? How is the expected return out of a project calculated prior to their selection?
  • What are the threats to the manufacturing sector?
  • Did you work with foreign clients in your previous job? Describe any of those experiences.
  • Do you think the stage of planning gets completed before implementation begins?

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