Marketing Assistant Interview Questions

A marketing assistant interview questions are the questions that can be handy for professionals in the field of marketing who want to fill the vacancies for the post of a marketing assistant. A Marketing assistant works under the supervision of other marketing professionals. Key skills that are to be expected from a prospective marketing assistant are the ability to take order from marketing supervisors and assist them, knowledge of various marketing techniques, hard work, dedication, etc.

Sample marketing assistant interview questions

  • Why did you want to become a marketing assistant?
  • Do you get bored working as a marketing assistant? What keeps you going in this career option?
  • Tell us a few things about your college life.
  • Did you attend all your marketing lectures?
  • Does marketing classes help? What should be done instead to improve the marketing abilities of the candidates?
  • What roles would you like to perform as a marketing assistant?
  • Do you like to take orders from supervisors and execute them or prefer to have your own freedom in whatever you do?
  • What is the best for the company – team work or individual excellence?
  • Are marketing skills inherent? Can they be nurtured and developed?
  • How would you like to paint your career graph?
  • Quote one of the most difficult experiences of working under marketing supervisors in your history of work experience.
  • Do you deliver your tasks on time? Rate in terms of ‘Never’, ‘Rarely’, ‘Normally’, ‘Most often’, and ‘Always’.
  • Do you think marketing is a waste of money by the company? Why or why not?
  • If you join our company, what will be your deliverable in the first 6 months?

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