Marketing Behavioral Interview Questions

Marketing behavioral interview questions are the questions asked to an individual who is applying for a position where his job responsibility includes studying the marketing behavioural. Marketing behavioural involves identifying the specific group of prospective consumers so that promotions and marketing campaigns can work successfully and the process being complex the questions asked in the interview should help to evaluate the analyzing skills of the individual. If the questions are not accurate then there are chances of an inappropriate person getting selected for the job.

Sample Marketing behavioral interview questions

  • Do you have any educational background in the field of marketing?
  • What is your reason for joining a marketing job?
  • Have you been involved in any project that involved the process of studying market behaviour and if yes what was your role and outcome of the project?
  • In behavioural marketing consumers are targeted on the basis of consumer behaviour. How would you identify the consumer behaviour?
  • What according to you are your strengths that will help you in the marketing behavioural process?
  • What according to you are your weaknesses that will act as a hindrance in the marketing behavioural process?
  • Have you ever taken any risky decision in your professional career?
  • Suppose during your working tenure  you disagree with your supervisor and feel that you are right, what would you do in such situation?
  • Do you have confidence in developing a marketing brief for a marketing project or a program?
  • Have you set any career goals for yourself and where do you see yourself five years down the line in the field of marketing?

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