Marketing Internship Interview Questions

Marketing internship interview questions are the questions asked to an individual joining as an intern in the marketing department of an organization. A person joining as an intern is usually a fresher in the professional experience and joins to learn the working process. The questions asked in the interview help to analyze the qualities of the individual, check whether he has basic knowledge about marketing, to decide whether he is hard working or not and to find  the reason for doing internship at that specific organization.

Sample Marketing Internship Interview Questions

  • Can you run us through your profile?
  • Why did you choose to make your career in the field of marketing?
  • Why did you choose our company for your internship?
  • After you complete your internship period successfully, would you be interested in joining the organization in a permanent position?
  • Have you ever been a part of any marketing project during college days? If yes, what was the type of project?
  • According to you, what are the skills that you possess that will help you as a marketing intern?
  • In order to be successful in the field of marketing, it is necessary to have good convincing skill. Do you think that you possess such skill?
  • How do you plan to make contribution to the organization during your internship period?
  • Your job will involve travelling the market, sometimes throughout the day. Would you be able to mange so much of travelling?
  • What is the amount of remuneration that you expect as an intern?

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