MBA Job Interview Questions

  1. Why did you choose to do a MBA from London School of Economics?
  2. So you did an internship with automobile gaint Ford. Tell us about the experience.
  3. Give an example where during the course of your pursuing the MBA course, you had a bitter experience with one of the faculties?
  4. In a typical financial market, what is the role of a MBA?
  5. Do you have any experience to work in a team?
  6. Are you used to working in a deadline centric work procedure?
  7. Name 5 top notch universities of your country who impart a MBA course?
  8. What made you select this job? Was it solely the salary or something else?
  9. Please share with us one lighter moment during your stay at London School of Economics.
  10. What are your long term objectives and goals? How do you think you will achieve them?

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