MCTS Certification Interview Questions

The MCTS certification interview questions look in totality at the value-add the training has brought for the candidates and well-equipped they are in managing intricate coursework in the field of software applications using Microsoft Certified Technology. Also some questions look at how to augment the Microsoft training and certification program from a candidate’s viewpoint.

Sample MCTS Certification Interview Questions

  • What were the highlights related to faculty’s presentation skills during the training?
  • How else do you think that the success level of this training program can be enhanced further?
  • Did the faculty’s control-of-time skills helped or prevented having an effective session?
  • If one security role has the User access level on the Write privilege for activities, and a second role grants the Organization access level for the same privilege, a user with both security roles will have which privileges?
  • Administrators use the Deployment Manager to manage the organizations, licenses, servers, and authentication methods related to your Dynamics CRM implementation. In the context of the Deployment Manager, which of the following is FALSE regarding organizations?
  • You need to troubleshoot potential problems with the Dynamics CRM 2011 database. In particular, you want to monitor real time processes, wait times and I/O use. Which tool would be the best to use?
  • The Deployment Manager in Dynamics CRM 2011 lets you change settings for each of your organizations. Before you can edit an organization, you must first disable it. Do you know which setting can you NOT change using the Deployment Manager?

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