Media Job Interview Questions

  1. Tell us something about your internship with the media baron Disney Films?
  2. Why did you opt for a media job when you were handsomely being paid in your previous job as an accountant?
  3. What attracts you the most in the media job?
  4. Is it the money changing hands that lure you or the stardom which keeps you going?
  5. Give us an example where your experience helped the management in clinching a lucrative deal?
  6. You have done a Diploma in media journalism. Why did you choose to do the course?
  7. What is the salary desired by you?
  8. Name 5 major leading media firms of your city.
  9. What according to you are the essential ingredients to be a successful in media oriented job?
  10. Do you have any reservations about travelling on long tours?
  11. Are you familiar with working in deadlines?
  12. What are your specific areas of interests?

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