Medical Billing Interview Questions

  1. Do you have any previous experience of medical billing? Any course secured in billing?
  2. Which software do you use while preparing a bill? Which location you will use to save the bill in computer memory?
  3. Do you have any experience in working with a team or you prefer to work in single cabin?
  4. Describe the terms: TOS, RA and POS? What is the acceptable amount for Medicare pay?
  5. What do you understand from Super bill? State the procedure with code?
  6. Which code is to be assigned to 25 modifiers? Also mention the codes for diagnosis?
  7. How would you maintain the hard copy of billing section and where should it be kept?
  8. Have you ever come across any technical fault during preparation of medical bill? What is the procedure to cope up with initial level technical problems?
  9. If a patient has some insurance policy, then with which department you will be in touch?
  10. Which kind of billing you have done till date?

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