Medical consultant job Interview Questions

  1. Tell us something about your area of expertise? Do you have any current case study on any subject?
  2. How many journals of yours have been published? Mention the name of online websites where these are fleshed till date?
  3. State the techniques you use to treat a patient with stroke?
  4. Have you ever handled any critical case regarding the same?
  5. What is your strategy to manage a team? How do you divide work in a team?
  6. Describe your method to coordinate with other doctors when you are looking after a serious patient?
  7. Any issue with staff and seniors in previous association? Give a logical reason which caused problem between management and staff?
  8. How do you take care of geriatric patient? Which medicine can be used as palliative?
  9. What is your method of consulting patients? Do you go by, first come and first serve and pay attention to serious patients first?
  10. Which recent thesis is going on in your research? Are you sure you can manage your research and job together?

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