Medical Job Interview Questions

  1. How do you describe medical profession? Why you have chosen such field as profession?
  2. Are you able to handle pressure? How will you handle situations full of pressure?
  3. Do you think you have the ability to work in a team? Can you work with patience when you start working in this organization?
  4. What do you understand from the term medicine? Name different kinds of medicines?
  5. What is your biggest strength and weakness?
  6. Do you get emotional when you deal with a patience suffering with dangerous disease?
  7. What have you learnt from your previous tenure? Do you ever get involved with any issues related to management and staff?
  8. How do you take care of an impatient patient? What, if the patient becomes violent during his/ her treatment?
  9. Are you comfortable with the shift timings and any question you want to ask?
  10. What stimulates you to join this profession when you are very intelligent and hard working as shown in your mark sheet and candidature? Can you become a good doctor?

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