Medical Job Interview Questions

  1. Do you mind taking us through your resume?
  2. So you have completed your Masters in Medicine. You haven’t completed the Master’s of Surgeon. Why?
  3. What is your idea about medical ethics?
  4. Tell us an incident when you took an extra effort to save the life of a patient?
  5. Are you comfortable to work with terminally ill patients? Have you worked for such patients?
  6. Are you ready to work in night shifts?
  7. Sometimes patients recover faster because of good human care rather than medicines. What do you have to say about this?
  8. Give us an instance from your experience when a patient got a second lease of life just because of your prompt reaction?
  9. How would you deal with a patient who has been detected with HIV?
  10. Do you have anything special to mention about your achievement, if any, in treating cancer patients?

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