Microsoft Certification Interview Questions

A Microsoft certification interview questions are the questions asked in an interview in which an individual is appearing to get certification from Microsoft.  The Microsoft certification interview is taken by students studying in the field of software, IT professionals along with their managers and also the organization in which they are employed as the certification brings reward to and success to their career. The questions in the interview are structured in a way to analyze the technical knowledge of the interviewee regarding software and computers.

Sample Microsoft certification interview questions

  1. Why do you want to get a Microsoft certification?
  2. What do you know about Microsoft certification?
  3. How do you think it is going to help in your career?
  4. What are the Microsoft subjects that you have learnt?
  5. What are the different subjects in Exchange?
  6. Suppose you are working on a computer and it suddenly shuts down with a popping noise, what are the necessary steps that you would take to bring it back to its normal working condition?
  7. In case the emails in your Outlook Exchange server get deleted, how would you try to retrieve them?
  8. According to you what are the differences between MCSE, MCP and MCSA?
  9. How would you define an Exchange Server?
  10. What are the different kinds of drives that can be created on a hard disk?
  11. If a computer is repeatedly getting restarted on its own, what would you do to make it stable?
  12. In which hardware device is a console port used and why is it used?

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