Millwright Interview Question

A Millwright is a professional who looks after the construction as well as the maintenance of various types of machineries. The Millwright interview questions are asked to those candidates who wish to work in this job position. With the help of millwright interview questions, an applicant’s technical knowledge of installing and maintaining machines, understanding of work at the construction sites and ability of handling different tools is assessed by the concerned team of recruiters.

Sample of Millwright Interview Question:

  • Mention something about your professional job experience. Why did you leave your previous job?
  • Could you explain the job duties performed by you during your previous job tenure? What knowledge have you acquired from your previous work?
  • Do you have complete knowledge of installing machinery, maintaining equipments and using hammers, rollers and other hand tools?
  • How will you perform a machine alignment procedure? How does an equipment alignment different from a machine alignment?
  • Discuss the process of assembling a machine. What tools would you use to fasten the rivets and bolts?
  • What safety precautions do you use in a welding process? Do you know how to dismantle a machine by using crowbars, wrenches and hammers?
  • Can you understand a blueprint and a layout to install or to assemble some machinery?
  • As being on this job position, have you ever faced a situation where you technically could not understand the functioning of some machine or equipment?
  • Can you lubricate and repair the different machine parts and equipments?
  • Do you think you require more training to work with us?
  • Are you confident to perform machine diagnosis and maintenance programs?
  • What are you salary expectations? Are you comfortable working in a team?

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