Mock Interview Questions for Freshers

An interview is a very important opportunity for any candidate to meet and get selected come what the reason for getting selected is. Different organizations have different ways to interview a candidate for different objectives. Mock interview is best possible way to prepare for a real interview. Mock interview will help you understand what is expected by employers in an interview. By, taking mock interview one can improve the way one presents himself/herself. With the help of mock interviews one can prepare what to answer and what are the usual questions that are being asked in an interview.

Sample Mock Interview Questions

  • Name of the currently worked or working company, description, title and worked from which date to which date?
  • Your personal expectations from the job and until what extent were your expectations met?
  • Compensation level that is both starting and ending?
  • What kinds of responsibilities were handled by you?
  • What kind of problems or challenges you faced them? Did you handle problems well?
  • What was good about your past job?
  • What was something that you do not like about your job?
  • Biggest accomplishments?
  • What is the biggest failure that you have faced?
  • Questions on your managers?
  • Questions on your co-workers and friends?
  • Highest rewards you got?
  • Least rewarding you got?
  • Was it easy working with your manager?
  • Your greatest weakness?
  • What are your strengths?
  • Describe yourself?
  • Describe you’re working style?
  • Can you handle pressure and stress?
  • Greatest disappoint of life?
  • Tell something about yourself?
  • How much salary are you expecting?

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