Mock Interview Questions for Net

A mock interview is like a rehearsal for the actual interview. A mock interview can boost a candidate’s self-confidence. Also, this is the best way to come across usual questions asked by the employer. To avoid stressful situation in an interview it is advised to undergo a mock interview always, so that you have answers for all the questions that are asked. In this way a candidate will not fumble or stammer when asked questions. Net is a type of software that is used to run the application faster. A person chosen for this job should have knowledge about NET, JAVA and other applications and mock interview questions for net prepare a candidate for the same

Sample mock interview questions for Net

• Define what is a server application?

• Compare VB. NET and C#?

• Differentiate between derived class and a base class?

• What do you understand by an extender class?

• What is interface inheritance and implementation?

• What is an inheritance?

• How can you avoid a class from getting inherited?

• When can inheritance be used?

• What do you understand by Overriding?

• Explain about Interface?

• What are delegates and events?

• Define a component?

• Quote few differences between component and control?

• Define connection pool?

• What are non-functional and functional requirements?

• What do you understand by heap and stack and differentiate between both?

• What is logging?

• What is instrumentation? Define it?

• Where does custom control exist?

• What is un-boxing and boxing?

• Explain code review?

• What do you mean by globalization and localization?

• What is (CCW)?

• What is (RCW)?

• Do you have any questions for me?

• What do you understand by a binary for-matter?

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