Mock Interview Questions for Nurses

A mock interview is a key to success of a real-time interview. Through mock interview one can understand what are the questions that are asked and how to answer them. It’s kind of preparation so that a candidate is confident while answering live questions in an interview. Every clinic has a nurse who assists doctor in completing responsibilities. Nurse should be well educated and eligible to carry out medical aids in the presence of a doctor. A nurse’s job is to provide medical aid, take care of the patient’s health and mock interview question for nurses helps them to prepare themselves beforehand.

Sample mock interview questions for nurses

  • Can you describe briefly what do you think nursing career is about?
  • Can you describe what are the major qualities and attributes that make a candidate perfect for this job of nurse?
  • Can you tell me a reason why you have not completed your master’s degree of nursing?
  • Can you describe an incidence where you have saved the life of a patient with your knowledge and timely action?
  • Why did you choose nursing a career? Any specific reasons?
  • How will you deal with mentally ill patients? What are the extra steps or care that you will take while dealing with mentally ill patients?
  • What are the kinds of medicines that are given to HIV patient?
  • What kind of steps will you take to cure a patient who has Diabetes?
  • Describe yourself?
  • Describe your past experience of working as nurse?
  • How will you deal with a situation when a senior nurse shouts at you, though you have done your job well?
  • Do you have any questions for me?

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