Mock Interview Questions for Teachers

  1. Why did you select teaching as a profession?
  2. What are your salary expectations from this job of a teacher?
  3. A teacher is expected to have diverse range of tolerance. What is your comment on this?
  4. What are the various exams you had undergone to test yourself whether you have all the requisites as a teacher?
  5. What attracts you the most about being a teacher?
  6. Cite an instance where you had a harrowing task in taking classes for the students?
  7. Have you ever been gifted by an ex-student for being a wonderful teacher to him?
  8. Which subjects do you specialize in?
  9. Tell one instance from your previous experience where your teaching skills helped the school in making some decision.
  10. Do you think that the present course curriculum is enough to impart the education for a certain age group?
  11. What are the various entrance examinations that one has to appear in order to qualify as a teacher?

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