Mock Interview Questions Nursing

  1. Can you describe what your understing of a nursing career is?
  2. What according to you are the major attributes which makes someone perfect for the job of nursing?
  3. How do you see the co-relation between patience and care in the field of nursing?
  4. Why didn’t you complete your master’s degree in nursing?
  5. Tell us of an instance where you saved the life of a patient with timely action?
  6. What steps you would take to cure a patient with Diabetes ailment?
  7. Describe a situation where one of your ex-patients surprised you with a gift post recovery.
  8. What medicines are mandatorily given to a HIV patient?
  9. What are the extra steps needed to deal with the mentally ill patients?
  10. What made you choose this nursing job?
  11. What documentation procedure would you resort to keep the doctors updated on the recovery status of each patient?
  12. What software do you think can help you the most in this regard?

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