Moral Job Interview Questions

  1. Please take us through your resume
  2. According to you, what are the basic 5 moral attributes expected of a person?
  3. Lying is a not a moral thing. But don’t you think sometimes you are compelled to do so?
  4. Is it morally correct if have been cheating the customer with intentional delay in dispatch of his consignment?
  5. Will your moral sense allow you to bribe officials in order to grab a high-volume export deal?
  6. Something which is morally incorrect but beneficial to a larger public isn’t considered an immoral activity. What’s your take on this?
  7. If you see one of your superiors involved with an immoral activity, will you report this or be silent?
  8. What is the salary you expect from this kind of job?
  9. Remaining a mock spectator to an immoral act is also immoral. Do you agree?
  10. Do have anything to add?

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