MS access Interview Questions

  1. What is MS access? What is the use of MS excess? What is the concept behind it?
  2. Explain the MS access international characters?
  3. What are dynasts? How are these used in MS access?
  4. What is the procedure to migrate MS access to Oracle? How do you use MS access in database preparation?
  5. Explain the steps to run a query using macros in MS access database?
  6. Name different database Table queries? How do you select a query in MS access?
  7. How you can sum up columns in a table in MS access?
  8. What is the procedure to recover the deleted record from MS access?
  9. What is trigger and how can you implement triggers in MS access?
  10. Explain the different ways to run queries in MS excel?
  11. Explain high levels in which data validation can be done in MS access?
  12. How can you use spell check and grammar check tools in MS access?
  13. Explain the methods which are used to recover the free space in MS access?

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