MS CRM Interview Questions

  1. What is that one feature about CRM which is distinct from other software?
  2. What do you know about Metadata service of a MSCRM?
  3. Presume there is a plug-in which is registered for account user. Can you tell what will be the consequence if a user submits his request to the designated web-server?
  4. For a real estate purpose, which will serve the better – a CAM or CRM?
  5. Can you explain us the implications on the server if, suppose, 200 users submit their respective requests?
  6. State its effect especially on the memory?
  7. CRM is a perfect web-based solution for business needs. What’s your take on this?
  8. What steps would you take to ensure to maintain accurate and fresh data to be used by the public?
  9. How can CRM help in the adequately implement system in case of an up-to-date resource information?
  10. Tell us more about your experience in your previous job in CRM?

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