MS DOS Interview Questions

  1. Besides the operating system DOS, which other operating system are you familiar with?
  2. What is the difference in booting the Windows and the DOS?
  3. Can you tell us what do you mean by Boot manager?
  4. What is the purpose of CONFIG.PTS?
  5. Can the partition be done in a DOS?
  6. Give five reasons why Windows has evolved to have an edge over DOS?
  7. DOS was an early stage of the operating system. What’s your comment on it?
  8. DOS is not a Real Time Operating System (RTOS)? What would you like to say on this?
  9. How can DOS be used with other APIs to serve the RTOS?
  10. What is the first task of DOS when a user uses it?
  11. Can you tell us the difference between a graphical user interface (GUI) and command user interface (cui)?
  12. How much salary do you expect from this job profile?

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