MS Excel Interview Questions

  1. What do you understand from MS Excel? How many versions are available nowadays for MS excel?
  2. Which version do you use daily? What is the difference between MS Office 2000 and MS Office 2007? Which are the new features introduced in MS Excel 2007?
  3. How do you unlock a cell? What is work sheet and how you can protect your worksheet? What do you do if you forget the password?
  4. How can you hide cells? After protection, will you able to view the cells?
  5. What is row and column? Explain the difference? How can you add number of rows and columns to your worksheet?
  6. How many micro languages Excel have? What is the use of these languages?
  7. What is the method to print a worksheet in full path? Can you print the header on worksheet?
  8. What is the use of print key available on keyboard when you print the work sheet?
  9. How can you associate a number of sheets to master excel work sheet?
  10. How can you distribute worksheet to excel 4.0 version when worksheet is in older version?

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