MS Office Interview Questions

  1. Can you tell us what the latest version of MS Office is?
  2. Which version of MS Office are you familiar with?
  3. Which is the one software in MS office which you like the most? What are the reasons?
  4. Can you tell us what the use of Pivot Table in MS Excel is?
  5. Enumerate 5 features of MS Word which you find the most amazing.
  6. What were the circumstances when you used MS FrontPage?
  7. In any of the MS Office software, can password be recovered?
  8. How can you make use of copy and paste command given in both MS Excel & MS Word in our daily use?
  9. How to make the use of Auto Text feature in MS Word?
  10. Give an example how to make use of the Help option?
  11. How are the slides inserted in a MS Power Point?
  12. Cite 5 benefits of power point presentation while making business presentations.

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