MS Project Interview Questions

  1. Have you ever handled any MS Project? Name the projects you have done till date?
  2. Name you favourite MS websites and projects books?
  3. How will you manage team meetings and non working time during project preparation?
  4. If you have been assigned a project, then what key points you would like to concentrate before starting the project?
  5. What is the function of; delete, edit and custom column field?
  6. Have you ever done any project on VBA automation?
  7. How will you set up contractor time with a specific project? How would you handle the project within fixed time? From where do you can get the information on contractor costs?
  8. What is Earned Value Field and Compute Schedule Variance?
  9. How will you use Earned Value Field to calculate Compute Schedule Variance? Why this is so important to build up a MS project?
  10. Give your opinion to track agile development project? Do you think it possible by using MS project?

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